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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

                                        cave exploration

Madhugiri is a small town situated at a distance of about 100 kms from Bangalore and about 43 kms from Tumkur. There are several places near Madhugiri of that attracts tourists . Among them the most popular are the Madhugiri Fort, Mallinatha Temple, the Maidanahalli Blackbuck Sanctuary (renamed Jayamangali Blackbuck Conservation Reserve), etc. Madhugiri Fort

          Siddara Betta:

Siddara Betta is one of the visited places near Madhugiri and  is a rocky hill situated in Tumkur district. The place lies at a distance of about 100 kms from Bangalore. The place is mainly known for a temple and a few caves located at the top of the hill.
There is a shrine of Lord Siddalingeshwara (Shiva) inside one of the caves. That is why the place holds an attraction equally for the pilgrims and trekkers and nature lovers.

Historic Significance of Siddara Betta

Siddara Betta, a wonderful tourist place near  Madhugiri, has historic significance attached to it. Siddara Betta is a Kannada expression to describe Hill of Saints. The naturally beautiful place was once home to countless Hindu Saints who preferred the place to perform sacred meditation and to obtain Nirvana. But with time, this practice gradually diminished.
Today there are just a handful of saints whose chanting can be heard coming from a distance. And they are based at an aashram situated at the base of the hill.
Siddara Betta stands close to the Devarayana Durga. The forest surrounding the hill holds attraction for birdwatchers. Several species of migratory birds make this forest their habitat. Birdwatchers can spot several rare and beautiful migratory birds in the area. It is home to some lovely bird species like the Yellow Throated Bulbul.
Siddara Betta  is known for its medicinal herbs. A natural spring that gushes out from the top of the hill is also believed to have medicinal value.


                                                         Anthargange - this beautiful rocky hill range is situated at about 1226 Meters (4021ft.) high in Kolar district Around Bangalore. This has lots of caves formed out of small rocks. Anthargange is good place for adventure based team program, there are more than 5 to 7 villages with lots of water, available throughout the year on top of the hill range.
This hill range is with huge volcanic rocks and boulders scattered all over. There are thorny shrubs, which cover the hill. There is dense plantation forest at the base. Anthargange is the best getaways from Bangalore for light trek, rock climbing, trekking in Bangalore and other adventures in Bangalore.
The big and small boulders have heaped to form cave like formations. These caves will keep you busy in exploration activity.