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Monday, October 14, 2013

formed on March 30th 2001 with an intention of giving proper education to younger generation in the field of nature and adventure, academics, sports etc, Apart from this the trust also has an intention of serving the poor in providing their basic necessities like drinking water, shelter, school etc.
Before being formed the members of the club were involved in tough training programs conducted in well-known mountaineering institutes of India like Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering, General Timmaiah academy of Adventure etc.
Mr.Krishnamurthy, the Managing Trustee of the organization along with other board members have more than two and a half decades of experience and are expertise in the field of nature and adventure. They have been working with several organizations, institutes and corporate sectors for educating the general public, creating awareness and training the interested individuals to work for the benefit of nature conservation and society.
After being well established individual and educated in the field, the managing trustee with an intention of serving nature, people by providing proper education, training interested individuals in the field of adventure sports like rock climbing, river rafting, mountaineering etc decided to form a trust that will fulfill all these dreams of his.
After lot of hard work and team spirit now the trust is capable of conducting and executing projects all around the state. More than 3000 participants have been trained in rock climbing conducted in various places like Ramanagara, Badami. Chitradurga, Kolara etc. Trust has trained NCC cadets in national level rock climbing camps. Members have participated in 2nd open national level artificial sport climbing competition held on 24th Dec to 27th Dec 1994 and 3rd open national level sport climbing competition held on 25th Dec to 28th Dec 1996 both held at Delhi.
More than 100 different teams are led in Kumara Parvata & Bisile of Western Ghats of India for trekking and nature camping. Bandipur, Nagarahole, Tadiyandamol, Kodachadri, Kemmannu gundi, BR hills, are the places where more than 750 different participants have been taken to trek on tracks.
Above all the major achievement of the organization is the managing trustee himself has climbed the third highest peak in Himalayas the Mt.KAMMET. And has done rafting in the dazzling waters of mighty Ganges or the holy river Ganga from Rudra Prayag to Rishikesh.